Guangdong Zaoyang is a new energy service provider based on Guangdong radiation in South China

Main: investment and construction of distributed natural gas power stations, investment and construction of distributed photovoltaic power plants, investment in automobile charging stations, electricity sales business, energy saving technical services, contract energy project investment.

Zhaoyang PV Tech.Development Co.Ltd. to Sun Yat-sen University Solar Energy Research Institute and the Chinese Academy of Sciences for technical support, to carry out a number of distributed energy projects: Guangzhou Lushan new materials project, Guangdong tilapia field, Hubei Bo logistics park, Australia and the United States Aluminum, Hong Kong New World Center and other projects. Division I can also provide electricity for large power supply and direct supply services for enterprises to save electricity. But also for enterprises to provide energy-saving services to enhance the efficiency of enterprise energy use. Guangzhou Swire Coca-Cola, Qixi soda, Guangzhou aluminum, heaven-sent high-tech materials such as large-scale electrical units is our customers.

Brief Introduction of Guangdong Zhaoyang Branch. Yongzhou Zhaoyang New Energy Co., Ltd. Main high-precision dual-axis photovoltaic tracking system research and development and manufacturing, efficient photovoltaic cell R & D and manufacturing. Foshan Zhaoyang Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. and Zhanjiang City Zhaoyang Electric Power Co., Ltd. Main distributed energy project investment and construction.

The state strongly encourages the development of new energy sources,the Guangdong Zhaoyang PV Tech.Development Co.Ltd,which is supported by solar energy system institute of zhongshan university ,was born at the right moment.The Zhao Yang Solar Tech Co LTD will be dedicated to the use of  the technical results by solar energy system institute of zhongshan university and the solar power station installation technology which our company's cadre employee control of,take “eliminate the fog haze, energy saving and emission reduction ,Sky blue clouds white and National health and longevity” as our responsibility.  We hope to cooperate with people who have knowledge and vision from all walks of life to develop more solar photovoltaic power stations.