The world's first solar power system was put into operation


Our participation in part of the design and construction of the world's first wave of solar hybrid power generation system put into operation. The whole project is led by a well-known national scientific research institution. One of the solar system by the  Guangdong Zhaoyang PV Tech.Development Co.Ltd.. design and implementation. The device is 36 meters long, 24 meters wide and 16 meters high, for semi-submersible and wave energy conversion equipment combination, which can be the same as the ship berthing, towing, can also dive to set the depth of the wave to become  wave power generation equipment. Wave power generation system design capacity of 200KW, photovoltaic part of 60KW. And finally built a floating multi-energy hybrid system for fresh water.

Wave energy and solar energy complementarity is very good, improve the stability of power supply. The system can be used in the following application scenarios: island power supply, military emergency power supply, wireless communication base station power supply, desalination system power supply, and so on.

Equipped with storage batteries, inverters, data acquisition and monitoring equipment, satellite transmission equipment, both through the submarine cable to the island power supply, but also for carrying a variety of instruments and equipment to provide electric power, and through the satellite Antenna to achieve two-way data transmission between offshore equipment and land control center. At present, it has been  satisfied on the top of the platform to install the instrument to carry out marine environmental measurement work, or equipped with communications equipment used as a sea mobile base station.

After the system is put into operation, the main body of the floating state is normal, the vibration of the floating body is stable and the response is agile. The energy conversion system is put into operation, which frequent energy storage and generates electricity in the case of less than 0.5 meters.

Monocrystalline silicon solar modules

Wave power generation device successfully put

Wave power generation device night power generation in progress