The solar power station which our company donated to guangdong experimental middle school has connected successfully


On October 27, 2015, the 38kw solar power station jointly developed by guangdong experimental middle school and zhongshan solar institute was successfully connected. The main equipment of this solar power station is donated by Zhaoyang PV Tech. Development Co. Ltd.. The whole project is designed and completed by our company, and the whole project is 38KW.

The solar power plant uses the newly built bicycle sheds, bus sheds and trolley sheds to install the photovoltaic power generation system at the roof of the shed. The sheds provide shelter for the parking area. The PV system provides additional protection for the shed, which can further reduce the temperature of the shed area, At the same time the PV system provides electricity for building electrical appliances around the shed.

Photovoltaic power generation is a zero pollution, zero emissions, zero noise clean energy. Compared with the traditional thermal power generation technology, there is no sulfur dioxide, nitrides, CO2 and other air pollutants in the photovoltaic power generation process, and these air pollutants trigger a series of environmental problems: such as "PM2.5 exceeded", "fog Haze weather "," global warming "and so on. The same amount of electricity in the same circumstances, the use of more proportion of photovoltaic power generation can effectively reduce the amount of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere, this series of problems can also be effectively mitigated. Photovoltaic power generation process does not produce noise, as long as there is enough sunshine, the PV system can quietly output power.

Photovoltaic power generation with clean and environmentally friendly, safe and stable, easy installation, blossom everywhere in the country.