Guangzhou 48 charge pile construction will start the tender price control in 1054


Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Wenjie reported: Guangzhou tower set up 18 charging pile, Huacheng Plaza, set up 30 charging stations ... ... Last month, the city cast group issued a related construction project tender notice, the announcement of the 48 charge pile construction tender The CBD charging pile can be said to make some progress in 2016, but from the previous charge pile company is expected by the end of 2015 CBD will have 300 charging pile, the data far apart.

New charging pile cost "not low"

According to the city investment group issued at the end of the month, "2016 Guangzhou City Investment Land Development Co., Ltd. City Investment Group demonstration charging station construction project tender notice", the city investment group on the Guangzhou Tower and Huacheng Square 48 charge pile tender total price control 1054.84 million, of which 18 sets of Guangzhou tower charging pile, Huacheng Plaza, set 30, if a single to count, then the cost of each charging pile is about 20 million.

Of course, the use of these charging piles is not free, Guangzhou City Development and Reform Commission approved the Guangzhou City Investment Land Development Company letter shows: non-bus charging 1.2 yuan / kWh, bus 0.8 yuan / kWh, is still only in the Tender stage, so the new charging pile had to be seen for some time.

An electric car related industry insiders said that if 200,000 a pile of charge, may not only simply transform the AC charging pile, but another faster way of charging, similar to Tesla half an hour Will be able to fill the "super charge station" nature of the charging pile. "This has the value of operation"

Charging pile construction is much lower than expected

Previously, in the middle of last year, Tak Tak Land Spring Square officially opened three specifically for the car charging the charging pile, the relevant operating companies on the optimistic expectations, because it is free to install, CBD, including the West Tower and other landmarks and a number of high-end office space, Shopping malls may soon be installed on the charging pile, is expected by the end of 2015 the total number of CBD charging pile is expected to reach 300, a number of super-class are interested in building a pile.

Now that 2015 has passed, charging pile construction progresses far less than expected. Reporters access to information found that the current has a charging pile of shopping malls or office buildings are not many, only Tak Tak home spring square, the sun Xintiandi shopping malls, Taikoo Hui and other office buildings, shopping malls have installed pile only, there is no other CBD office or shopping malls The new charging pile is put into use.

"In fact, they have plans to install a pile of piles," but did not receive the tenant 's claims, so the matter did not start.

So even if the count has not yet started to build the Guangzhou Tower and Huacheng Square, 48 charging pile, CBD existing charging pile, but also dozens, from the time is expected to 300 pile is also very different.

Source: Golden sheep net